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Augusta Developer News

This page contains articles describing our previous meetups.

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Augusta Developer Hacktoberfest #6

This article covers the events that happened during the Augusta Developer Meeting titled, "Hacktoberfest 2018," an event celebrating open source software.

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Augusta Developer (Open Mic Night) 5

This article contains a brief summary of the projects shown during Open Mic Night.

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4th Augusta Developer (Dev and Design)

This week at the Augusta Developer we had three designers get in front of a room full of developers to discuss process. It is design considerations such as white space and color that create space, depth, and evoke emotion. Without that emotional connectivity development efforts become arduous and can feel much more like trial and error.

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Meetup Mayhem

Captain’s log. Star date… July something. The third meetup of The Augusta Developer was a total success. We came, we saw, we killed it. The format for the latest meetup was 4 lightning talks.

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A Meetup's Iterative Improvement

At the last Augusta Developer meetup I saw a community forming. Lucy Conklin’s talk on Netflix’s Chaos Monkey and the Simian Army instilled thoughts of Chaos Driven Development practices and huge gorillas with bazookas.

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A Meetup The Reverse Train Wreck

It was a success! People showed up! This whole post is going to have exclamation marks after every sentence! I lied! Or maybe I didn’t! Honestly, the first meetup went really well but not for reasons that most people would assume. What made the first meeting successful? A friend described it perfectly. “It was a reverse train-wreck”. The organizer showed up late, did a talk that took five minutes about something that wasn’t advertised and caught everyone off guard.